Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Weak Night

Finished 28th in the 11K Guarenteed KO. Had 5 KO's too. Ran pretty well until the end. I had the ultimate cooler with 170 left. Well pretty close. I have AKc and EP raised. The flop came Kxx 2 clubs. So I get all in with the 8K stack and he has Aces. I do not improve. How do I not improve? Ah well. I went from 2nd to like 20th in that one hand. I never really recovered. I hung in and finally with 28 left and a smallish stack I jammed KJ into AA from the CO into the SB. Not sure what I could have done different there. I was folding like a motherfucker. So anyway no big cash for me tonight. Did well though. I used Joanne's super secret method for luck. It seemed to work well until the end.

The Mookie sucked. I raised KT from the CO and got re-raised. I felt that the person did not have a great hand so I jammed. They called with AJ and that was the end of my night. While I do not totally agree with the play I do concede they may have had a read or something.. of course JJ disagrees. heh.

What else. I dunno. Riverchasers tomorrow with my hard earned ninety bucks from the 11K. I may play that game again. I have played twice and I think I made the cash both times. No positive. Oh well. The six max format is fun since you can be more aggressive. Sometimes more aggressive is not good for me though.


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