Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No nekkiiid Otis?

Ah well lost Nekkiid pictures again. Sorry girls. I am sure you would have enjoyed seeing Otis in all his splendor or lack thereof whatever the case may be. I ended up going out 4th in the Mookie due to not paying enough attention to the board. I am not positive I would have folded here. I did have the nut flush. However if I noticed the board was paired and McLucky was jamming I would have had to have considered it. He limped Kings pre-flop vs my A5d then turned the boat when my flush hit. Well played by him. I am a little disappointed I did not notice the board paired. I at least would have wanted the ability to decide how to act. My own fault but the only thing I am disappointed about. All in all I think I am playing well and getting lucky enough. I actually only won one hand while behind tonight. It was against TripJax. We just made the money and he limped Kings.. I jammed sixes into him and four flushed his ass pretty much out of the game. Congrats to the final table. Everyone played really well. Thanks to Riggs I made 3rd place money and top three are the money spots in MTTs so I am pleased. Tomorrow is Riverfuckers. Then I need to get my Big Game token. Until then.


Blogger Matt said...

It'd be tough for anyone to get away with that hand. The only had that I would've deduced is something like K2 - all other hands (including the hammer) would most likely raise preflop. I'm just fortunate that the one time I get crazy & limp with a pair like that paid off.

Good game sir. Just one of those nights for me.

12:27 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

ya you played well and ran amazing. I think I saw you showdown like 9 pairs on the final table. Good game. I have no idea if I let it go or not just wanted to have the chance to decide. My own fault though.

8:11 AM

Blogger Lucypher said...

SirWaffles, I enjoyed the opportunity to make the final table with you at the Mook. Congrats on finishing in the $.

8:45 AM

Blogger The Wife said...

Aren't you supposed to tell me if there is a chance to be involved in something where Otis might be naked?

What gives, dude?

I know you've been sick, but come on! Gotta keep the Wife entertained!

10:02 AM

Blogger Donkette said...

Good Job last night Waffles, it's always a pleasure to play at the same table as you, your a very entertaining guy. I was hoping that your big stack would have went to me, so that way my hubby doesn't have all the glory....LOL

10:31 AM

Blogger Riggstad said...

shiiiiiiiiiiip it!

friggin troll!!!! :)

although probably the some of the better $20's I've ever spent.

You were destined to fail. I figured my guantlet would keep you focused. Better earing Riggs money than winning a MOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIE!!!

right? right?

nh sir!

11:29 AM

Blogger BWoP said...

Waffles will never win.

Even nekkid pictures of Otis couldn't propel him to victory.

That's just SAD.

5:07 PM


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