Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ode to Frankenstein

I have been remiss in paying back Instant Tragedy for one of our stupid prop bets. Since he is oozing puss and all that good stuff I figured I would finally get around to paying up. So here is a review of as he calls it "The Donahue Empire".

So we should probably start with his flagship blog, the self named Instant Donahue. This is where our man shares the details of his life. Sometimes you have to smack him a little to get him to open up but normally he just spills it all out. The pain. The puss. The special lady with the handcuffs. It is all here. If you are interested in the man behind the velvety radio voice then this is where you must go.

Under the aptly name Instant Tragedy moniker we get out friends exploits at the poker tables. Do not let his apparent ineptitude at the tables fool you for this guy is no break even player. No he is certainly not. Read up about his latest prop bets with Team Tragedy and the Mookie. See if he can beat team Schlubs with his dream team of poker bloggers.

Controversial as the word "BOOOM" is at the tables, the whole meaning of the BOOM generation is displayed at Feel the Boom. Here you can read about amazing suckouts and incredible pots won at the fiddy cent level. This one is a compilation of posts from various bloggers and gives different perspectives on the BOOOM. If you can handle the BOOM then go here.

Kangaroos could not pull me away from this last blog.. the aptly named I hate Everyone Equally. This is a collection of rants. We all know how much I love rants. I have been looking for a successor to my title of the rant master. Hoyazo was looking good but he is way too wordy. If Instant Tragedy practices a lot he could be in line for the job. Go check out some of his wonderful rants.

So that ends one of my debts to IT. I really hate prop bets. I hope everyone can see how I feel about his blogs. Good luck to him and his health in the future. He is actually a pretty cool guy.


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