Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dumb People

I think it is a government conspiracy to create all dumb newscasters. We have seen it happening more and more as news agencies have replaced talented reporters with good looking morons. It follow good looking law.

What is good looking law? It states that the better looking you are the dumber you are. This is of course a slight generalization and all of the hotties I know are very smart. It makes sense though for the most part. The good looking people are too busy having fun and getting laid to study and become intelligent.

I mention the government conspiracy to replace intelligent reporters with idiots because of some of the dumb stuff I hear these people say. Like today they were talking about a Street Artist. It was the guy who did some Obama poster. At the end they laughed at him being arrested for some past graffiti charges or some such nonsense. Now either they did not know that "Street Artist" means graffiti or... well, no, there probably is no other explanation. Please do not laugh at people in the future when you are saying stupid things.

Stupid reporters lead to people spewing back the idiotic rhetoric their rich masters. I wish I was a rich master. That would be kinda cool but otherwise it sorta sucks.


Blogger BLAARGH! said...

Fairey wasn't a graffiti artist, he was/is a sniper (puts up posters), which is still not legal, but there is a distinction... (I used to snipe posters for my bands all over nyc... never got caught though). He's having a pretty tough week - along with the arrest he has plagiarism charges tossed on his stupid ass. Koons got busted for the same stupid shit (ripping off a photo in the name of "art"). Getting to your point, however... yeah - the idiot newscasters wouldn't know any of this crap....

8:54 AM


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