Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Ramblings

Yesterday I went and bought myself a Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Handbook and a started kit with some dice. Ages 12+. Nice to see being forty has not changed me at all. I actually have an ulterior business motive for doing this but I felt like a naughty little geek.

Did you know you can find 129 pictures of the lovely Maggie online? Is the internet not a place of wonders and marvels. I will never stop being amazed and amused by this digital land. I still miss my green hacker command prompt though.

I was thinking of doing a series of old postings of wisdom or something.. like, you know you are old when your stomach grumbles and your ass farts, and then three days later you poop. I do not think I have the motivation to do this though.

Oh yeah.. I was just reminded that as a March birthday boy that I was born under the sign of the fish.. Pisces baby all the way. How appropriate.

See you all at the Skillz tonight.


Blogger Gadzooks64 said...

Rumor has it you had a b-day.

To quote Bam-Bam:

"Happy Birthday shit head. :p"!

BTW, word verification: buthess

6:55 AM


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