Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Skillz Game

I came close to the points in this one. It started off rocky when I caught trips on fifth and BuddyDonkey was showing KK on his board.. So when he lead out I raised him. Now this would be a sign for anyone who had a brain that KK is not good but not for Buddy.. Nope, his stoner lifestyle has lead to zero brain cells left which caused him to call and of course hit his one outer on 6th street. He then proceeds to fuck my rolled up eights with some bullshit gutterball hand. The worse part about all of this is HE IS NOT THE STUPIDEST PERSON I HAVE PLAYED IN THE BBT!

I kept plugging at it and had a nice stack of around 6k with around 30 people left.. but I missed some big draws or would start a hand with 234 and hit two face cards. It was a little frustrating. I finally went out when a guy was bluffing that he had a queen.. He then proceeded to catch said bluff queen on fifth street and catch a set of said queens on sixth street to beat my two pair.

Tonight the retarded gather at the Mookie. Be prepared to see shoved with the almighty tourist and guys who can not believe that their ducks could ever be beaten pre-flop. Long live the BBT!


Blogger Buddy Dank said...

i'm not the most retarded? you're soo sweet.

2:14 PM


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