Thursday, December 03, 2009


I am not sure if his name is a noun, verb, or whatthefuck. Moron. Has nothing to do with the post. I just wanted to call him a fucking moron.

Life has been busy and not so busy. I was going to write a little about Thanksgiving. However there was nothing better to write. My sister is up to her old tricks opening credit cards in my name. So I told her I am calling the cops on her AGAIN. She then yelled at me and said I was a bad father and did not provide for my family yadda yadda. It is kind of funny to be told your a bad parent by someone who ignores their kid when he is having brain seizures and ships him off to Granma's so often he calls Grandma "mom". It is impossible to win a fight with a retard but I try. Internet poker has been good for SOMETHING at least.

Finally took care of that little court thing I mentioned before. I skipped the first two meetings then they finally said "WE ARE GOING TO ARREST YOU IF YOU MISS THIS ONE!".. so, reluctantly I went, and told the creditor to fuck off basically and so I am done with this bullshit. It did get interesting though. You borrow 6K. The creditor then says you owe them 12K. After they go to court and get it jacked up to 21K. You then get your own lawyer and owe 0K. Gotta love our system.

I miss CarmenSinCity blog posts. I talked to her last week or so and she said she is having computer problems. She said she is doing fine otherwise. Hopefully I will get to see her next weekend.

I am sort of looking forward to Vegas. Sometimes I get excited and other times I just can not. I know this is because I am depressed and nothing in life gets me very excited. I am sure I will have a good time though. I am staying at Hooters Hotel and doing the MGM Friday Night at the Bar, Saturday Blogger Tourney, and Sunday at the Sports Book. In between those activities I am totally free. If anyone needs my cell number again let me know. I probably have yours if you went to the last meeting. I will charge my phone up for the trip for sure. Will this be the year I finally see a hooker? I have never noticed one in Vegas. Will I finally get to a strip club? Never been to one in Vegas. Will a hooker Al-Roll me? Will I become handicapped from alcohol like Drizz? Will I step on little Iggy? All these fun questions will be answered soon enough. Until then enjoy.


Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hope you have a blast in Vegas Waffles.Roll on the trip report!

2:55 PM

Blogger DrChako said...



12:04 AM

Blogger lj said...

wow, how have you not been to the rhino? travesty, make sure you hit it up.looking forward to taking ure money at mgm. :)

1:24 AM

Blogger Bloody P said...


I will see you in Vegas on Saturday.

It will be great to finally meet the man, the myth, the uber-tilter.

10:32 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I'll hand you two Zimas and a wheelchair on Saturday.

See ya then :)

5:35 AM


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