Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Stupid fucking poker. We are on non-speaking terms again. At least until the 15th. I had the biggest pot I have been in recently in a cash game. Here is the setup.

I am playing PLO 6-max with the donkey fuck Europeans and doing well. I had run my initial buyin up to $40. I am sitting at a table where everyone has even stacks. I limp in with AAK9 s00ted. The guy next to act raises. The guy after him cold calls. The next guy re-raises. I decide I might as well make it HU with the other guy with Aces and so I jam my stack all in. Obviously at this game the third raise is Aces.. if not my fourth raise is definitely Aces.

So anyway. We have all this action. The original raiser thinks and calls. The last guy decides to ship it also. I am up against the AAxx hand I thought I was against. The other two hands are KK and 5678 rainbow city.

The flop is K9T. In the end I am the third best hand. A fucking $160 pot at these little levels and ship to the retard with the fucking lowball straight. Fucking moron. I have no idea what the guy with KK thought he beat either. He was drawing to one fucking out. Apparently that is enough vs ole Waffles.

I have to say it is no fun just jamming cards into the middle and fucking wondering what craptastic hand is going to call. I ended up busting my roll out on a 50/PLO table when I again jammed AA pre and got called by 257J no suit. Of course he got there and doubled his fucking retarded dog humping Scandinavian stack.

Fucking retards make me sick. Just jam anything you smelly cuntballs. Of course you will hit. /sigh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am playing PLO 6-max with the donkey fuck Europeans."

I don't even need to read another word because I'm sure this ends in a horrible horrible way.

See you again on the 15th.

9:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's fucking hilarious

2:08 PM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

I would need the hand history to see where the 5678 got caught up in this mess but if you run the numbers with the money that was in the pot when he shipped his stack he was probably in good shape. Also you should never play PLO!

7:08 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

Can you get your ad money to come in weekly?

Nothing cracks me up more than a waffles bad beat story when it occurs at the lowest buy in RUSH PLO table!

Chad used to play 1/2 cash PLO waiting for a connected hand to crack big cards with and then get up and register for 15 tournies with the profits.

It was his satellite.

11:41 AM


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