Friday, May 21, 2010


I played a donkeyment last night. Probably should not be playing them as my bankroll is growing but not fully flourishing yet. I sat down and played my first cash out game. I assume these might be a good place to play since the cashout part reduces the value of the game. The fact that this makes them a little -EV in the payout department keeps the sharks away. So you get a nice little fishie game.

Early on I was like a fricken yo-yo. I could not decided if I wanted to play or not. I would bet out with the made flush on an 88x board on the turn and get called by A8 who would river an Ace then only min raise me when I lead out on the river. Orly? So you make an -EV call and then you compound your error by not taking me for nearly enough. Excellent play sir. Excellent play.

I would then get taken down to like 400 chips. Get pissed off that my starting stack of 3k was decimated. Jam 34o from EP. Get called by some late position tard with T6 suited.. and flop 34x. The poker gods would then gift me with AA vs KK vs Q9 (no idea what the fuck he was doing) and I would 4-bet jam and get called by both and now I have like a 6K stack. Ironically I had to fade the Q9's outs.

The deck then refused to let me lose. It was pretty amazing. I would hit with every hand I played and I would hit with every hand I folded. I amassed a top 10 stack and kept it going. I cashed out my initial buyin because like five hundred people were left and I had 38k chips, for 6k chips I was freerolling. I continued along. Started getting a dry spell. Riggs, IT, and Josie came and railed me. With about 200 left I limped a 56 s00ted against a LARGE stack. We had equal stacks. Both of us in the top 20. The turn made my straight and gave his pocket 3's a set. Classic. Full Tilt. Setup. I jammed and he called and now I was sitting on a top 3 stack.

I need a lot of work on my middle game. I held on and made a few chips as the numbers dropped. We made the money at around 75 of 900. I increased my earnings as my stack decreased. It was tough. I would get a hand like JJ and raise it to 7500 of my 60K stack. I would get a caller. The flop would come AKK. What do I beat there? The guy who called me would lead out. Sometimes I would try and play a little stronger and call. Sometimes I would fold. I mean what do I do in these situations where people are calling pot sized 7K raises everytime and the flops are missing me? Should I have been more aggressive and just jam every hand? Instead of trying to see flops with a good stack? I would raise AQ in LP and get called and the flop was Kxx. I mean do I really jam here against a 150K stack? Do I jam my 60K stack against a 40K stack on the previous hand? I think I made good laydowns but they hurt.

I am pretty sure in these situations I got outdrawn by some tarded person with A4 and KJ or some such crap. I know I missed out in situations where like 5 people would limp. I think this is an insta-jam in every case. Sometimes I could not because the guy before me got the same idea.

I did make one untimely bluff. I had pocket eights and waited for the turn to bet. Nobody was putting any chips in. Unfortunately I let some crappy hand catch up. I would have bet the flop but it was multiway and the pot was called in like 9 places so it was a 15K pot already. On the turn when I finally lead out I get jammed and have to fold. That was a 20K mistake I wish I could take back. I still had a healthy 40K stack though. Riggs laughed at me. :(.

As good as the beginning went I could not seal the deal and ended up shoving 25 s00ted in position with <10BB. I am fine with doing that. I happened to run into queens in the SB and could not suckout. Mucho thanks to Josie for railing me into the wee hours of the night. I may play another MTT or so to hone the skills for the remaining BBT games. I obviously need to do better at forcing chips into my stack when the blinds and the antes grow.


Blogger Josie said...

34th place out of 913 - not too shabbay. I saw all those laydowns you made. If you don't connect you have to lay it down against those big bets.

I OBVIOUSLY brought you luck!

7:14 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

nice run dude

9:40 AM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Good job.

12:11 PM

Blogger Conan776 said...

Position doesn't matter when you shove pre, DUCY? 52s is a hand with horrible equity, and you had no fold equity.

2:46 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I disagree fuckwad ;). 52 suited is not likely to be dominated by anything that calls except big pairs. I am down to next to no chips. I can not wait for a good hand. Hands like A-Rag are MOST likely to be dominated by calling hands. I got some straight and flush outs going for me too. Who gives a fuck anyways. I am down to 30 left. I have shit for chips. I lost the game far before I ever got to this point.

3:40 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Oh and nice blog. :P.

3:40 PM


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