Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dank

The Dank is tonight and I will be there. My bet is still running so I need to do good. HUGE upside to winning. Screw the TOC seat. Sidebet is better. Hopefully I will not run into lucksack Joanne this week. Also the lack of sleep last night is not going to help my game tonight. I will really need to focus down.

Otherwise the poker rollercoaster continues. I have been making some nice rake playing Stud8. Last night since I woke up at 2AM I decided to login and get a few hands in. I started off by dusting off a buyin at RUSHHHH. Queens on an all low board vs Kings. Ick. I really need to get away from hands like that. So I fired up the Stud and was doing meh until I got involved in a 3 way pot with one opponent showing 3457 and the other some flush and straight cards. Some miracle happened and my Aces up (Aces and a pair for noobs) took the pot. I was amazed I was not at least splitting there. The table broke after that. So I switched to a second one for a while and made a few bucks.

I checked the rakeback account too and I should be getting a nice little bit along with the Full Tilt welfare check. Should get the roll into the triple digits. So when I win the Dank tonight I will have a nice starting roll of three hundred.

Also a big congratz to Josie for being featured on Poker From The Rail. Hopefully someday I can be an A-List blogger like her.

Apparently Buddy forgot to pay his web hosting bill so he is stuck at if you want to listen to his Radio Show. Damn stoners never pay on time.

Oh and a big gratz to Sucko and LJ on their impending marriage. While I can in no way support getting married I am happy that they are happy or something. Two donks in love is kind of sweet I have to admit.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Be careful of what you put in your blog. I have a funny feeling the Mann Act may come back to bite your butt.

7:02 AM

Blogger Josie said...

LOL Thanks for the shout out!

"My bet is still running so I need to do good. HUGE upside to winning. Screw the TOC seat. Sidebet is better."

Come one dude, it's not REALLY better than a ToC seat. I bet readers think it's bigger than it actually is.....Awww you think it's better than a ToC seat. Even if that's bullshit, it's very sweet.

7:18 AM

Blogger dbcooper said...

Good luck tonight

7:20 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Much better!

7:23 AM

Blogger ScurvyDog said...

I'll transfer $20 to your Full Tilt account if you permanently change the title of this blog to "Making Nice Rake Since 2004"

8:43 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

waffles would change blog name for less than $20

9:22 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

Guess I won't see you tonight as I'm playing the Mookie.

and you were saying lightning...?

10:51 AM

Blogger lucko said...

Thanks brother.

7:15 PM

Blogger Thorn said...

Short night, eh? I watched you go out, too. I shouldn't have made that bluff on the "action river" as you called it; he's got an ace way too often and is clearly calling me with it.

Ah well. At least I can say I was taken out by a donk playing J9 sooooted against a shortie's PFR. We'll get em next week...

6:22 AM


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