Thursday, August 05, 2010


Last night's run was tough. The wife went out before me so I could not even leave for the track until like 8:30. It was pitch black. Mosquitoes were flying. I was tired. No dinner because I can not eat before I run. Just some snacks to keep my energy up. I have to say though I fucking KILLED this run. Eight minutes with a 5 minute walk then Eight more. I was super excited. I thought it would be tough. I got into it though. Knew it was 3 laps around the track and just knocked it off. Felt fantastic.

Played an SNG. Had the lead the whole game. The last four took FOREVER and I bubbled. With 400 blinds it gets tough. I eventually jammed my SB with KQ and the BB woke with JJ and that was it for me. I am currently doing Howard Lederer's SNG challenge. I will say this. As far as all the challenges go his is the dumbest. I will need to read about it a bit more but advice like "With three left call an all in with KQ".. I think there are better spots. I would not mind JAMMING a KQ obviously but I hate calling off in that spot. Perhaps Howard's advice is good and I just need to give it a chance. I will post details on it later. I am working for the 100$ cash bonus at Poker Academy. Seriously people. You can get a hundred bucks just for collecting achievements.. which I kind of like anyways. Lesser costing prizes include step 1 tickets and things like that. I kind of like this Poker Academy.

Also... I felt my waist band today.. and my new jeans.. I think they are a little bit loose now... I am not going to rush out and get a smaller pair.. but.. sooon.. I actually am losing zero weight though. I am 177.5 right now. Same as I have been for weeks. Oh well. Today is an off day. Tomorrow Pushups. Saturday a 20 minute run. Crazy!


Blogger dD said...

a fine read, mate. however, the more i read, the more Wafflease my ranting posts become.
hope you kill the 20mins .... not the other way about ;)

9:53 AM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Grats on the run, nice job! Sorry about the bubble, but standard tournamnet stuff. Also, I agree that shoving and calling a shove are two different things. Might call a shove with K-Q if the other guy was a shortie and desperate, but otherwise....

11:26 AM

Blogger Loretta8 said...

a lot of people will (correctly) shove any two cards in late position when the stacks get very short, so folding KQ against people like that is a disaster

3:12 PM

Blogger dD said...

" .... screen name of SirFWALGMan ...." - so what the fuck does it stand for ????



ps i posted this on previous comment by mistake, fucking retard that I am, ughhhh

3:55 PM


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