Wednesday, July 28, 2010


No not in poker. I am still break even. After a good start in the SNGs I have gone back to even. blah. I think they can get mind numbingly boring sometimes... I need to find better ways to amuse myself.

My final game as Coach Waffles is tonight. Last game I was seriously pissed at the kids. We had spitting water, spitting, teasing, throwing rocks where a kid got his tooth hit (no damage), shoving, and all kinds of stuff. I told my son and the fat kid to sit on the bench on opposite sides. Neither one listened and next thing I know the fat kid is shoving my kid into the fence. So I benched the fat kid and sent my kid to right field. He did not think I was being fair. Nothing is ever his fault.

It actually caused us to tie the game instead of winning it. I would do it again though. I am not putting up with fricken 12yr olds acting like babies. I will be obeyed or you will not play. Period. I am going to talk to the kids before the game tonight and say "I was not happy with last weeks behavior. I do not want to see any spitting, name calling, throwing water, throwing rocks, pushing, shoving. While we are at bat you can either sit down and talk with someone or get some water or cheer on the other team. Anything else is totally unacceptable.".

Our current record is 5-4-2. So tonight being the last game gives us the chance to either end up break even or to actually have a winning record. I hope we can pull it off and have that winning record. When everyone is clicking we do really well. We just need some consistency.

On the running front I did week four day one last night. It alternates two 3-minute runs with two-five minute runs and gives you half that time in between as walking recovery. I was kind of worried about going from 3 minutes being my longest run to five minutes. I did pretty well I think. Forced my mind to keep going. I had some side cramping, some leg pain, some chest pain.. breathing was pretty good surprisingly.. although it did seem like I was gulping down air. Not sure if that is good or not.

So two more of those runs this week then next week the first two runs bump it to 8-minutes... and then... *gulp* 20 MINUTES! What the fuck? I mean that is 4x my best run. I was pretty scared I would fail last night's run.. I am terrified of the third run of week five. After that it seems like you are just ramping up a few minutes each run until you get to 30 minutes or a 5K.

I actually feel exceptionally good this morning. I was a little nauseous feeling this morning. I drink water before my runs and big bottle of Gatorade after but I think my body is possibly a little dehydrated. I fucking hate water though. I can not stand it. I mostly drink coke. After my runs Blue Gatorade is good. Ah well. Peace.


Blogger Josie said...

"I think they can get mind numbingly boring sometimes... I need to find better ways to amuse myself."

I sooooo agree. Can't do it. 2 tabling made it a little more interesting tho.

8:44 AM

Blogger BLAARGH! said...

There's a point about midway when you're running, swimming, biking, whatever where you hit your stride. No more gulping air or pain, you just get into the zone. You hardly even notice it sometimes, but after a few minutes you realize things just got super easy. Don't worry about the longer runs - you will hit your stride and make it through.
Too bad you hate water. I hate putting all those man made chemicals in my body...

9:23 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I have hit my stride once so far.. part of it might be all the starting and stopping.. the one time I hit my stride for a bit was in the middle of my second 3 min run...

This was the first bump up to 5 minute runs so I think my body was adjusting more than striding...

I know I should drink a lot more water. It would help a lot in everything.

10:09 AM

Blogger BLAARGH! said...

Definitely you need more than a few minutes to get into rhythm. I'm sure there are some serious runners here who know way more about the mechanics of it than I do. I just know it takes me about 25 - 30 lengths (swimming) before it really turns on... feels like swimming through mud before that, then all of a sudden I can breathe again, and just concentrate on moving my arms (THAT pain doesn't stop, heehee).

I'm really psyched you're sticking with this - it'll make you feel better in every way possible.

Oh yeah, watch out for crazy drivers.... :P

12:00 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Luckily there are no trucks or cars on my local high school track.

7:27 AM


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