Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Home Game

I went with my friend Mark and played a home game. It was a lot of fun. It started with two tables of six. I got the downstairs table with the little cute 25yr old. She was horrible at poker but cute as a button. Upstairs was some skank on X. She was dating some butt ugly guy she met in rehab. She was blond and skinny and pretty hot. She was wacked out of her mind. Both of them got totally loaded and then drove off.

I survived the consolidation of the tables. Deep in I get sucked out on with AK vs K7. Ug. I should have played my hand a little stronger but oh well. I finally ended up flipping against pocket eights and losing.

The guy who sucked out on me with K7 always told people what he had. So he saved me a lot of money. I would just wait for him to get impatient and tell me what he had and do the appropriate move.

Even though this is the second time getting ass raped live by crappy cards (remember last time was AA vs K9) I had a good time. It was a fun group and they were giving each other shit. Was amusing.


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