Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lot of Poker News

First off read about the nosebleed match up with the big windbag TonyG and the mysterious Islidur1 who is currently hosting his very own pissing contest at PokerStars. Change100 is a fantastic writer. Mad props to her.

Bill Rini has examples of the other side of Poker writing. The scumbag, morons, who can barely put together a sentence in English because it is not their first language. Seriously bring back the talented writers. Nobody wants to read your fucking ten cent an hour motherfuckers.

I liked the article too. It mentions Daniel Negreanu's disappointment that Prahlad Friedman has signed up with such a scumbag site as UB. I know that the fact that they stole money from players does not mean anything to morons and assholes like Hoyazo but the rest of us should stay away. Perhaps Friedman is thinking "Hey, I can get the massive amounts of money they stole from me back in the form of a paycheck". Actually I have no idea what anyone playing on that site is thinking. The fact that it is still in business just shows what fucking sheeple we have become. Nobody cares if people steal, cheat, rob them as long as they can get toasters for 9.99 and have an edge from a tiny shitbox site. I suggest that you NEVER play at Ultimate Bet. EVER.

I have to say this too. The days of the American sheeple are coming to an end. The dollar is becoming devalued and worthless and our enemies are at our gates. Were just too fucking absorbed watching some fat pig from Jersey fuck some really drunk dudes that we do not notice it. All your jobs are going away. All your toasters will start costing a ton more. America the third world country. It is coming. TaoOfFear knows this too. Knowledge is fear.

Last but not least that Scumbag Michael Craig is leaving FullTilt. I love FullTilt poker and PokerStars too because they have given SO MUCH to our community. I hate Michael Craig though because he is a fucking shithead. I bet he was fired because it was costing more donuts to feed that fat fuck while he wrote articles than it was worth. Either that or they only need one fat drunk on the payroll. His fucking Avatar looked retarded so at least Full Tilt got that right. I think they should burn it in effigy and watch his fat bacon ass sizzle biatch. Scumfucker. Peace.


Blogger Drizztdj said...

As someone who has reported on a heads-up online match for over 12 hours, it's about as hard as it gets.

Big props to Change100.

6:11 AM


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