Thursday, December 30, 2010

Poker Strategy or How to Be Awesome Like Me

I have decided to write some posts on the highest level of skilled poker strategy possible AKA mine. Here is my post of advice. Tom Dwan often calls me up for my advice on how to beat the big boys.

If I had to tell you one thing about poker it would be do not listen to anything anyone has to say. All around there are these high class intellectual writings on Poker and you know what... they ALL miss the point. In order to be a truly world class player like myself you need to ignore everything they say. The key to poker is NOT playing like everyone else.

The years pass and people come up with the "winning" strategy every time. You must 3-bet this and 4-bet that. You have to fold this. You should play tight here. You need to do this or that and this and that. All this does is give your opponent a look into your style of play and allows him to take advantage of you and rape you all night long.

You should play CONTRARY to whatever style you know your opponents are using. For years people played Super System style of poker. Now the new younger generation comes by and makes all that shit obsolete because they KNOW that system inside and out and if they know your a Super System Tard then they can take advantage of that. Your opponent can use your tendencies against you and make your ass bleed money long long time.

My advice to you. Do something totally random every couple of hands. Do a weird bet size. Shove all in randomly. Play some cards you know are shit to a raise. Showdown some shitty cards you would normally have folded. Play the hammah as if it were aces. Change up your bets. If you normally check a big hand on the flop bet it. If you normally bet a big hand on the turn check it. Flip a coin and have it decide your next move. The closer to schizophrenic play you can come the better you will be. Which my friends is why I am a champion. Peace.


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