Thursday, April 28, 2011


Things have been going average lately. I admit to watching and even liking Hockey these past few weeks. My son goes crazy over all the playoff games. He can root for the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, Phillies, Seventy Sixers, and Flyers. Not a bad set. We use the "If your born there or your parents are born there then they can be your team". I never really liked Hockey at all and I can not say it is my favorite game. However as my son has dragged me into watching all the playoff games I have gained some appreciation for the sport. High Def TV helps a lot too.

Watching the games it seems like the Flyers and Bruins are totally different style teams. It seemed like the Flyers were more finesse with passing and the like. The Bruins seem to shove it into the back of the other players zone and then beat the fuck out of them and try and score in between. Interesting to watch both teams. We are solidly rooting for the Bruins since the Flyers have had more success in recent years than the Bruins.

The Celtics games have been good too. I hear the announcers talking about how good the Heat are and how they won that one game against us like 100-77. Do these people even watch the sport? The Celtics slumped HAAARD at the end of the year but it seems like they are getting back their form. I liked what I saw in the last few games of the series with New York. I think the Celtics will beat the Heat fairly easily. I think the games might be close but the Celtics will play up to the competition like they always do.

On the exercise front I am still at it. I was a little lazy this week. I took it easy on pushups on Friday then skipped Sunday. I also skipped Mondays run. I moved it down to Tuesday. Last night I got back into the pushups with Week 4 Day 1 again. That is 12/14/11/10/16 for a total of 63 pushups. It was a little hard but not too bad. I really hate that program. I had a great run on Tuesday. I am in week 7 of that plan and running 25-minutes a session. I end up covering a bit over 2 miles. I should probably be a little closer to 3 miles but not sweating it.

I finally have stopped gaining weight. That was entirely too annoying. I am back down to 184. The pants are feeling very loose. When do you retire your pants? When you can fit two hands down them? Fuck I call that a Saturday night.

On the WoW front I have not been able to play much. See above. Between getting hijacked for all the playoff games and being exhausted from working out it has been rough. The new patch just went in and I have no idea what it contains. I have seen a few things and earned a guild achievement (for Glyph Making) but have not dived in yet.

Still no Poker. Heffmike is trying out a play money game on Stars. I fully support the idea. I mean it IS the community that makes these games meaningful. We could also make these into cash games. Everyone send someone 11 bucks on PayPal before the game. Only those people would be allowed to play. Make up the payoff schedule. Let the cashier know where you would like to be paid... It could work out... Kind of like speakeasy's during prohibition times. I would think most people have a PayPal account. The extra dollar "rake" might be less.. but there would be some transfer fees to take care of.. hmm... Peace.


Blogger Josie said...

"When do you retire your pants? When you can fit two hands down them? Fuck I call that a Saturday night."

rofl - that line made me spit out coffee! Yes, it's time to retire them.

9:48 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

It all works until you realize a Donkette only collects and never pays

11:04 AM

Blogger Littleacornman said...

I'm with Josie,that was a classic line Sir!

11:06 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

Funny the difference the years make. Wasn't all that long ago the positions of the Flyers and Bruins were reveresed, style wise that is. Cue As Time Goes Bye.

11:21 AM


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