Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Hate This Shit

Motherfucking cleaning up the messes non-programmers from fucking India make in my code is not fucking fun. My goddamn stomach is fucking sore. Probably have ulcers. My fucking idiot boss is pissing me off too. First he fucking hires this dude and sets him loose in our code then he gets all wishy washy and says one thing, then says the opposite, then says the good thing again... fucking morons. I swear I am going to rage quit soon.


Blogger Josie said...

Ooo you ARE in a bad mood today. Tomorrow will be better.

7:09 PM

Blogger Lucki Duck said...

See, people will screw with you when you shave your beard. Better grow it back and get back to being a bad ass.

7:14 AM


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