Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Which We Learn People Watching Is Dangerous

I have been doing a lot of people watching lately. I assume if you watch enough people then perhaps you can become a person yourself. Not working so far.

The Hancock building is great for this. It has mirrored glass windows. You are able to see out perfectly but people can not see in very well. At time I swear the chicks know I am staring at them though. It must be my huge brain sending out telepathic signals "I want to lick an olive out of your ass".. Otherwise maybe they just get this cold shiver down their spine. Like in horror movies.

It is fun to people watch anyways. You see all kinds of people. I swear this humongous guy is a warning from god. The last two days I have seen him he was wearing the same shirt as me albeit 50x larger.

Today I got some bad Karmic payback for my evil people watching ways though. This old lady pulls up in front of the window. I swear her rats nest hair made her look like a relative of Crusty the Clown. She stops at the window with her beer gut hanging out and proceeds to "straighten" her hair. Seriously killed my boner. I then laughed and thought to myself "Well, at least it can not get any worse".. and as if on key she immediately starts cleaning her teeth in the window with her finger. I think she picked her nose afterwards too. It is fun being Waffles. Peace.


Blogger KenP said...

Slow and steady progress toward sapience. Or a Waffle anomaly.

Bostonians are advice to make sure to draw their drapes.

2:21 PM


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