Friday, September 02, 2011


My son starts playing football this year. It is the first year they allow it as part of the school. It is hard to believe he is in 7th grade. He is very excited about football. He got all dressed up in his pads and ran around a bunch.

The one downside of the whole thing is his mom not allowing him to skip or reschedule tutoring for Football practice. I asked some people who have played and the sentiment was that he would be letting down the team and the coaches would not stand for it. The wife asked the coach if it was alright and he said it was fine. I am not so sure. Practices are 6 days a week for the kids.

The kid thinks she is wrong also. He gets in this huge fight with her on the way home from his last practice. As a little background to this the wife is always complaining about her job. She makes an ok salary at like 50-60k a year or so. Nothing special. Some kid out of school could probably do that. She has been doing mostly tech support type stuff instead of her normal Business Analyst job and she hates it.

So they start yelling at each other about the practices. My wife says "You need to have the tutoring! I went to Smith College and got a degree and you need to do the same!" to which he replies "Yeah, and look where that's gotten you".

I will say the Wife did not find it as amusing as I did.

One last thing. The kid was put on the D-Line. Not sure if this is because of his mom or not. I told him to work his ass off and show the coach that he was a hard working player and he would be able to earn a spot as a wide receiver or something he would rather do. I am not sure if this was a demotion or if the 8th graders get the better spots and the new kids have to put in the time. Anyway we will see.


Blogger lightning36 said...

He he he he ...

7:17 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I bet she makes like 100K but tells you it's 50K. :P

7:21 AM

Blogger 23skidoo said...

Man the fuck up and reschedule the Kid will ride the pine and hate his mom for being a bitch and you for not standing up to her...truf!

8:02 AM

Blogger KenP said...

Humm, kid has a mouth. Wonder where that came from.

With living his life for him and determining his future based on what she want, she is building one hell of a version of Waffles 2.0.

8:32 AM

Blogger Littleacornman said...

Nice work Mini Waffles though I thought you meant he was playing real football with a round ball ;-)

11:52 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

Since when is te D-Line a demotion? Who the hell would want to play offense and get hit when you can play defense and do the hitting? Tell him to put the qb on his ass a few times and he'll see how valuable the defense is

5:43 PM

Blogger River said...

Speaking as a Football player, being a part of the team is very important. If I had to practice 6 days a week, and some douchebag (not that your son is, but thats what I would think about it) went off for tutoring and got out of practice as his teammate I wouldn't have respect for him.

When you're on a football team you sweat, and bleed for that team. Sad to say as well it's not what you know in this world, it's who you know. I know alot of taxi drivers with masters degrees.

2:56 PM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

I always thought that coaches make allowances for tutoring. Aren't acedemics supposed to take priority? I'm sure something should be arranged

3:32 PM


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