Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stupid Football

Dammit Josie! The girl took a nice chunk out of my lead this week. Josie really nailed it this week only missing 3 picks for 13 points which is pretty good considering some of the losses. Only losing 5 points for the Saints loss was really good. Have to give her some credit even if SHE IS STILL BEHIND! BLAHAHAHAHA!

Now that JMan is doing the pool SGirl wants in on it. So I am going to let her pick also. I am starting her with the same points as JMan because just lets not go there ok.. I mean it's bad enough if you get one of them something and not the other... and do not even get me started on what happened this weekend but lets just say there were sticks, blood, and lots of slaps. Not good. So they ARE STARTING WITH THE SAME EXACT POINTS DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!

I need a good week this week to put Josie back in her place.. that is beneath me if you did not get that... Ahhh yeahhhh! Peace.

Current score for those interested:

Waffles - 84
Josie - 78
JMan - 69
SGirl - 69

** These points are kinda arbitrarily.. I started out just counting how many points separated Josie and I because that is all that matters.. but it is much harder to keep track with four people so now I am adding the weekly points up and just coming up with a score. If I had kept score since the beginning the scores would be like in the 300's.


Blogger Josie said...

Um, according to my calculations you are now 3 points ahead of me, not 6 but whatever...I don't think 3 points will end up mattering. :)

Now I'm scared. I know that girl is one smart cookie and I cannot WAIT until the girls rule this week. You and JMan don't have a chance.

6:55 AM


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