Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Final Score Is In

JMan the 13yr old has won the entire league this week. The scores were very close and if Rivers was not such a tool it could have all been different. At least Smokey is probably ripping his hair out.

The final scores were:

JMan - 67
Bayne - 66
Seb - 66
Waffles - 65
Josie - 59
SGirl - 53
Mom - 45

The totally unfair standings are as follows.

Waffles 208
Jman 185
Josie 196
Sarah 187
Bayne 184
Seb 184
Mom 163

Why are they unfair? Only Josie and I have played every week. So when JMan wanted to join I gave him the same points as Josie. Later when Sarah wanted to join I did the same.. and now that Bayne, Seb and Mom are in I gave them the lowest points. So they basically started with a 30 point deficit at least. However since this is just for fun and the only really "pool" part of this is me spanking umpa lumpa ass every week it should be fine.

We should rename this pool: Adults Suck. Last week SGirl put in a masterful win. This week it is JMan as the champion. He was very excited. So a 9yr old and a 13yr old have won the past two weeks. The highly analytic, number crunching, ways of the adults are losing to such great statements as "Man that Vikings dude was cool last week I am picking him". Doh! Peace!!


Blogger Josie said...

Jman wins $5 from me. More than his Dad ever won from me!!!!!

6:50 AM


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