Friday, October 28, 2011

Joe C's Got a Gun

My titles have become more random like myself. Here are my picks for the week:

Saints 13
Ravens 12
Giants 11
Patriots 10
Titans 9
49ers 8
Bengals 7
Lions 6
Eagles 5
Bills 4
Texans 3
Chargers 2
Panthers 1

Bayne is joining the fun this week also. He can post his own picks. I will let you know who wins and what everyone gets. If SGirl wins again I am taking her to Vegas next weekend! Mom is obviously not amused. She actually wants in too!


Blogger Josie said...

Did I not call that the wife would be playing soon enough? Yes I did. Genius! Bring it! I will kick her ass for Waffles!

6:16 AM

Blogger Adam Van Wildest said...

Dallas Cowboys all the way!

6:09 AM


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