Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poker, A Good Lesson

I went back to Foxwoods last weekend. Was a good time. I really was not feeling it though. I almost bailed out early. I was tired because the boy kept me up half the night. Little things like that can make a big difference.

Last time I went I was focused on the right things. Getting the little things right on every play. I am beginning to think that cash games are all about making the tiny little moves correctly so that you either minimize your loses when you should not be playing or cut down on the bleeding when you are just not getting cards.

The day started out alright. It was a really bad table and I noticed this immediately. It was full of old guys and regulars which is a horrible combination. Semi-solid players that had been up all night playing also which was not as bad.

I started out up a little. I was not feeling it though. I can not remember how I lost my first buyin. I think I ended up overcalling a few bets, getting nibbled down, calling off 20 to 40 buck bets trying to hit sets. It really felt like I was trying to force things to happen.

I spewed off my second buyin with a horrible play. I went all in on a low flop with TT when I knew my opponent had an overpair. I initially was going to just try for my set but then I went insane. It just felt like I was trying too hard to force things. Never a good idea in a cash game.

I then settled down a little. Ran my stack back up to two buyins. I put on a nice bluff against one regular and then showed. He was SOOOO pissed off. He was a decent guy though. I then widdled it down somehow until I had around 150 left. I then ended the day with two plays I have no real problem with although neither was idea.

The first play I have T8d and figure what the hell might as well call the LP raise. He had been on slight tilt and I gave him no credit for a big hand. I figured I could flop good with my suited gapper. Possibly still trying to push things here.

The flop came a pretty decent 979 with two diamonds. So here I have flopped an open ended straight flush draw on an ugly board. If I am to give credit to the initial raiser for having a hand then I am in terrific shape here.. if not then who knows.

The initial raiser checks and I bite for $15... the two guys past me both call making it like $100 in the pot or more... and then the initial raiser jams his entire stack in. I have him covered by about $20. I think about it for a short time and then decide I can not fold here. I am not positive this is a total no fold situation but if your going to gamble this is a small one.

The two past me fold and the original raiser proves me right turning over J9 for the trips. In this case I am a dog at around 42% but with the extra money in the pot I have made the right move. I do not get excited at this point. It is the hand that will make or break the day. If I win this then I am back way past my original investment and kind of have flipped the REDO button on the game..

The turn looks pretty sweet with the 3d. I would have preferred the six of diamonds though. At this point I am sitting as a comfortable 80% favorite in the hand.. It seems inevitable for the day as the 7 peels off on the turn to kill my hand and pay off the original raiser. Ug.

I am alright with this play. Would have been much happier if I had won obviously.

I wait a few hands somehow then throw my last chips in on a pair of sevens. I realize that I am going to have to flop the set to win as I am sure to get called but I figure what the hell.

I get the expected 8 callers. I am not shitting you. All eight people just cold called my bet putting over $160 in the pot. If I win this hand I am at least back in the game. The flop comes a nice Q7x with two diamonds. I have hit my set. I show the guy next to me and wait. A guy two down jams all in and flips over his QJ s0000ted. I really need the board to pair. The board runs out and does not pair. The river is a diamond and that ends my day down 3 buyins. Still up for the month though. :).

I think the loss was a good one. It gave me some things to focus on. I really could not get the right attitude going all day long and so I inevitably lost. I think for the most part I played badly with a few periods of good play and a few flips that I needed to get lucky with.

I left a little discouraged with the result but still determined to do well. Next time I will make sure I have enough sleep and the right attitude or else I will not go.

A funny side note. I walked in the door after like being gone nine hours and the Wife is like "So you lost huh?" with a big smile on her face. Stupid bitch. Do you not understand that my winning is good for you? Nah, you do not, stupid bitch.

Next up - Blahhhh.


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