Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Winners Are..

Waffles and JMan lead the pack this week with 79 and 77 points followed up with a guy who probably thinks of a round ball when we say football Seb the English wonder with 73. Mom had an impressive (for her) fourth place showing and then Bayne, Josie and SGirl finished out the pack.

I am currently at 366 points for the season and have widened the gap with Josie to fourty one points.. the biggest it has been all season long. I think Josie should use my picks in her football pool going forward. :). Bayne might have done better if he could spell. Bears is not spelled Dallas or Cowboys. Derp.

Here is the total leaderboard as it stands. We shall see how it goes next week. It is kind of an interesting week. Texans have lost their QB. Seahawks can actually win a game? What the hell is up with the Ravens? Are the Patriots going to win out with the easy schedule? Good times my friends.. good times..

Waffles 366
Jman 342
Josie 325
Bayne 322
Seb 317
Sarah 265
Mom 265

Oh and least I forget, Josie kick some ass in AC this week!! She is down there now and is going to play in one of the biggest tourneys of her career. If anyone can win a tourney it is her. Good luck Josie and I hope you come back with a ton of cash.. then maybe I can get out of taking you to dinner! Unless Wolfie eats it all! Peace!


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