Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Again, and Again, and Again..

I have been working on my mental attitude lately and I think it is turning around. One thing I notice I do a lot is run every situation around in my head making it more and more negitive and focusing on it more and more as the day goes on until all I can think of is the negativity or the bad things that are going to happen.

All that internal turmoil just churns around and creates negitive thinking and effects everything during your day. So I tried to catch myself a lot today. Tried not to sink down into the normal patterns and let my day be ruined. I think I had some success. Not perfect but I kept noticing when I was doing this and telling myself to stop it. Who knows maybe I can turn from a dark storm cloud to a shining beacon of light and peace. Other options are the world ending next year. Peace.

** I fixed the football scores. Thanks to Seb for pointing out the scoring issues. As he said in his email "SHUT THE FUCK UP WAFFLES YOU CHEATING SCUMBAG!!!".. No wait, he said "It is difficult keeping everything straight, I know, I run pools and make mistakes all the time". Not sure where that other comment came from.


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