Monday, December 12, 2011

Football, Best Sport Ever

Seriously I enjoyed watching the games a ton this weekend. First I watched the Patriots game. Kind of exciting but could not really get into it because IT IS MY TEAM. I would much prefer a blowout with my team.

The next game I watch is Denver though. As Tebow starts kicking it in at the end.. my son and I are like TEBOW TIME!! TEBOW! TIME!!. He then brings it down. OT. You know he is going to win! The stadium erupts. Holy shit. This guy totally has someone looking out for him.

It was just an amazing set of flubs that made the whole thing happen. Barber first looks towards the line and while trying to make that first down gets pushed out of bounds. Not entirely his fault but he should have just gone down. He then turns it over. TEBOW TIME! TEBOW TIME!. Aewsome! The look on Elways face was priceless too, I could see him saying "How the hell am I going to get rid of this kid now?". Wow. What a game.

Best game of the day and yet the night game was fantastic too. Dallas and the Giants kept trading off plays and then it comes down to the end. The Dallas kicker gets ICED AGAIN! OMG! What are the odds on that? It was freaking awesome. Dallas just has to chip it in to win and ICEEEE ICEEEE BABY!

What a great set of games. Down to the wire. My team won all three times. Just amazing. Even though I was nursing a seriously bad toothache all weekend I had the best time. I woke up this morning and the ache was gone too! YES! Peace.


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football does get good this time of year

I wasn't on there myself but good luck with the FTP developments.

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