Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nice Thanksgiving for a Change

Normally my Thanksgiving sucks. I mean it consists of going to my mom's house, eating ham because my sisters retarded kid does not like turkey, watching football, and getting into a fight with my dead beat sister. No fun at all.

She really is a dead beat. She steals from her family all the time and spends her kids SSI money on bags and clothes and shit like that. Her son has issues from cancer as a young kid and having his mother makes it a thousand times worse. She never enforces any rules with him so whenever he wants to go he just screams and makes a scene. I think he wants to have sex with her too. It's wacked. The kid is a giant too.. so her not getting control of him is going to have some serious consequences.

This time around we got invited to dinner with our cousin. I have not seen my cousin's in a long time. I remember as a kid they used to hang me over the second story balcony. I swear they were like six foot nine and three hundred pounds of muscle. Except for Douggy. He was kinda like me. He would slink down to the living room in his T-Shirt and sweats, having just woken up, grab some turkey, and head back upstairs for some more sleep.

It has been about 13 years since I saw the cousins. Jeff, Wayne and Doug. Wayne was married to this hot chick. He had two small kids. Jeff was not married and had the same number of kids. He was always the wild one. Doug was married but had no kids.

It is amazing how the passage of time hits you when you have not seen people in a while. The towering cousin's are actually not too much bigger than I am. They are also only a little older than me in their fifties. Doug actually might be close to my age. All three of them have turned really white haired and old.

The really funny thing though is seeing all the kids grown up. The little girl that Wayne had is a smoking hot chick just out of college. She actually live close to where I work. Holy shit though. All the kids grew up and are adults with their own personalities. It was really freaky.

My kids had a good time playing with the barnyard of animals at the house. They had two dogs and three cats including a little kitten. The poodle was the first one I have ever seen that did not yap at everyone around him. The Shepard was HUUUGE but extremely friendly.

We had beer, football, tons of food, and some good conversations. My sisters kid was acting up again. Calling his mom a asshole and banging the floor and making strange noises so he could leave. I am not sure how much is his disability and how much is the disability of having the mother he does.

All in all it was a pretty fun time. I enjoyed it and avoided the yearly fight with my sister. Hopefully we get invited over again. Peace.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Your sister's son:

1) How old is he?
2) Does he perhaps have some other type of problem of which you are not yet aware?
3) Why would you think he wants to have sex with his mom? Clingy?

Inquiring minds want to know.

8:58 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I just asked those same questions and he's what Waffles said:

1. He's 14.
2. yes, other problems - residue from cancer fighting in earlier years.
3. no i didn't ask about this one. you perv!

9:44 AM


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