Friday, January 20, 2012

Been doing a little...

Taking little steps. I think my best way to accomplish things is to break them down into tiny steps and do at least one a day. I have not compiled my list yet though. I want to get on it this weekend. I have however setup my new PC, gotten things comfy, started some stuff to do stuff and stuff. You know. Stuff.

Today I moved my alarm clock back into my room and set it up. I am setting it for 5AM. Every day. M-S. Trying to stabilize my sleeping patterns a little more. Also ate breakfast which I never do. I kinda like having the extra time in the morning.

Got so many things to do.. but instead of getting overwhelmed I just need to write them all down and stick to my one-a-day plan. Feeling semi-motivated and in a decent head space. Peace.


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Ok whoever you are, you've highjacked Waffle's account. Can't be the "real" Waffles.

11:36 AM


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