Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am so enmeshed in struggle instead of effort that it is ridiculous. I put obstacles in my way and get stuck up on them and use them as excuses.

For instance I have wanted to get a PC for a few years now. I really want to build a kick ass game machine. I sort of do not want to spend the money though because I have no idea where the finances are at this point, so I need to take over the finances first, except I need a the computer to take them over so I can use quicken and spreadsheets and plan things more efficiently..

See where this is going? So I decided to break down this one barrier. I am just going to get any old suck ass computer for now and once I have the financial picture clarified I can get another computer that is better. I am going to get one of the following two computers in the next few days.

Gateway DX4860-UB32P Desktop & 20" LED Monitor Package - $549
HP Pavilion p7-1174 Desktop & 20" LED Monitor Package - $679.

The HP has 8gb ram, while the Gateway has 6gb. Both have 1TB HD, Windows 7 64-Bit.

The HP is a AMD quad-core A8-3800, and the Gateway is an i3.

Both have onboard graphics cards which are semi-sucky. Not horrible but not great. The Gateway is IntelĀ® HD Graphics 2000, and HP has AMD Radeon HD 6550D graphics.

I thought there was actually a DELL I was looking at with a better card. Now I am sorta leaning towards the HP possibly. Not sure. I am so not a hardware guy.

Anyway the bottom line. Not what I want. However I can buy either one from the poker winnings I had last time I played, a gift card I got for Christmas and just a couple bucks out of my main account. So I am going to stop fucking around and do it. If you have any preference on the setup or any experience with either type of desktop let me know. Peace.


Blogger KenP said...

Dell has an outlet store where they sell computers that are returned or refurbished. Lots of great markdowns but you need to watch for super one that come and go.

I've bought my last two computers there and got the last one for about 60% of their list. High end XPS (good gamer for the time) I7, 8G, 1T, 6750 etc. GPU getting a bit dated but still can do about 70fps with all the eye candy.

10:38 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I wish you would speak English in your posts. Get the fucking computer already. <---english!

10:46 AM

Blogger The Poker Meister said...

$~600 seems like a lot to spend on a stop-gap computer. Why not get something like this for $350 and find a 22-24" monitor you'd really like with 1080p that you can use on your actual gaming rig? Additionally, parts from the machine above, for example, could be recycled into the new machine.

12:00 PM

Blogger The Neophyte said...

I agree with the Poker Meister, get a bottom line machine, even a used machine for a couple of hundred max. With tablets and Iphones not to mention laptops, desktops are a dying breed except for top end gaming. Just about any machine you get will be able to run quicken or office so spending that much on a new one makes no sense.

I've also used the Dell Outlet store a few times with good success. Check them out before you buy something.

5:05 PM

Blogger Gary said...

Get a notebook. Bring the computing power to you, not the other way around. I have no complaints with the Dell I just bought, 6GB RAM, 640GB storage, and an Intel 2nd Gen i5 which stomps the fucking yard like nobody's business. Processes that brought my AMD dual-core to its knees register barely a blip on the cpu meter. I think it comes in at less than 600 clams. Not a gaming computer, though; it forces you to use the on-board Intel graphics chipset and doesn't brook updates, but a stopgap computer, especially one that you're gonna use for your finances (built-in numeric keypad; how many of those do you see on a notebook), it should be at least in the discussion.

12:42 AM

Blogger KenP said...

I'd expect Josie to say that. She made Gary come over to show her how to turn on a Kindle. Ludite with issues dwarfing Mr. See Above.

3:42 AM

Blogger KenP said...

I just thought... (right)

Look in Cambridge pawn shops and small computer stores. Gotta be broke students near end of term with better than average stuff to dump.

3:46 AM

Blogger PokahDave said...

or go to Corporate Microshop and they can put one together for's in Cambridge as well...they have some good cheap but decent PC's

11:20 AM

Blogger PokahDave said...

......Or go to BestBuy or BJ's in Salem, NH and get one of those wide-screen Toshiba's for 500. Has 320 GB HD, 4 GB's RAM, I forget the processor, Win7 etc.

1:04 PM


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