Monday, August 13, 2012

Not The Best News

Went to the doctors today.. the BP was acting up.. not as badly as before but was stuck on 130/90.. So a little high. So the Nurse Practitioner decided to keep me on the meds until my appointment with my doctor September 19th. So... it would have been nice to be off them but I guess I am stuck for a little more. I am wondering if I need a little higher dose than 2.5... since it has not fallen back to 120/80 like it should... I am going to try and hit CVS a few times this week and see what it reads... if it stays high I may ask if I need a higher dose...

Other than that I am learning Russian for the same reasons I learned German. I am sure you can all guess at those.


Blogger Earl said...

Get one of those home BP test machines. They last for years. Your BP can fluctuate quite a bit.

1:52 PM


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