Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fuck You Mayors

You know this Chick-A-Fila place has gotten itself into a major uproar. I totally support that. It is awesome that the public is mad at some stupid prick who hates gay people. I think we go past the line of propriety though when our esteemed Mayor Mumbles bans Chick-A-Fila's from Boston. Fuck now I wan't to eat at that place just to say fuck you to that stupid cocksucking Mayor of ours.

I mean why does he even have to get involved? Why say they can not build restaurants in our city? Fuck that. You have no right. You know who has the right to make sure they never sell a holier than thou chicken ever again? The people. We have the right to boycott them. Fuck you Mayor Fuckwad. Keep your fucking idiotic hands out of peoples business. You have no fucking right to tell someone they can not open a business in your city because their owner is a toolbag. We have the right to boycott them. Not you fuckwad.

What's next though? No strip clubs because Mayor Dickwad thinks naked women are sacrileges? No book stores who sell the bible? I mean it is against gay marriage too. Where does this government interference stop?

I actually have been very amused by the fake Facebook comments the company tried to pull as damage control. These guys are so dumb they shoot themselves in the foot.


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