Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Night Football already

Yippee! I want Football everyday all year long baby.

The picks are in for Thursday Night.

Waffles - 11
Josie - 10 (Even if you win baby you lose! I am in your mind... oooh!)
JMan - 3 (Smarter pick if you think the game is going to be close)
VinNay - 8
Bayne - 16
Seb - 11
CemFredMD - 2 (Yay, someone new entered so I am not in last place anymore)

SGirl - 4 (She is the champion!, Lightbulb will be happy.)

If I make mistakes on the spreadsheet here let me know. I will correct them. I am old an feeble. If anyone else wants to join it's still open. The late rules are that you get the score of the last place person to make things fair.


Blogger Josie said...

Pfff...copying Seb's picks won't help you.

7:08 AM

Blogger KenP said...

I am old an feeble.

Let me surmise you are old and feeble.

OK, cheap shot. I do similar all to often; but, if I can't harass you, my day isn't complete.

7:51 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Better grammar Nazis than you have tried to take me down! Duggles! Where are you!!!

8:23 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

I'm here! And I'm the BEST nazi!

But I call foul. You're just waiting for Josie's picks and then picking strategically against her? That's completely unfair. I call for some kind of congressional investigation!

8:29 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Don't pick on obvious typos with Waffles when there are far more egregious errors. Don't get me started on apostrophes...

8:31 AM

Blogger KenP said...

Hey, I thought you'd have corrected the to that should have been a too. Your no fun. (One more chance.)

10:09 AM

Blogger KenP said...

Oh, as to Duggles, he talks apostrophes but I think it has more to do with his periods.

10:12 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Honestly Josie is probably picking off me from her pool. XD. I have my picks done by Wednesday and she never sends hers till the last minute. Women. Sheeshhh.

10:39 AM

Blogger Josie said...

First of all I don't trust your picks at all. Second of all, we can't see each other's picks until one hr before the start of the game, at which time it's too late to make any changes to picks and I'll always keep the same picks here as I do there.

Ewwww who'd want your picks anyway. I mean maybe some people have to rely on "You pick a 10 so I'll use 11" but I surely don't. :P

12:57 PM

Blogger sebszebra said...

I do not get all this about whether we see each others' picks beforehand or not. Surely, we all have to decide for ourselves what the best picks are whether they be wildly different or identical. In the motor-racing game I run, we put our selections up on that week's blog-post when we have made them. Sometimes there are duplications because more than one player judges them to be the best selection, and sometimes players will do something deliberately different feeling they need to gamble to make up points, which is an accepted tactic that almost invariably backfires. That is why I have been sticking mine up in the comments for everyone to see. I do not see what disadvantage it creates.

2:04 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

heh. We just like to trash talk.

5:15 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

Trying to decide if I have gained 16 points on Sgirl or 4

2:53 PM


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