Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting a few things Done

Been getting a few things done. Finally got an appointment with a shrink for an evaluation. I think I may become someones doctoral thesis. I was amazingly surprised to actually get a call back the next day from this place. As a quick recap. I called one shrink and said I was possibly suicidal. No call back. Called another couple a month ago. *Crickets chirping*. So with my now lowered standards if you actually call me back I assume you are the best shrink in the entire world. Appointment is set for the 23rd.

Football picks are due.

I have been playing far too much Warcraft far too late into the night. I finally made level 90 which is the final level in the new expansion. However there are like a zillion reputation grinds you have to do in order to get all the patterns and plans you want. I also have 9 alternate characters. I need to at least level up some of my professions like leatherworking and skinning, herbalism, and mining. I have a ton of cooking quests and fishing ones. I think I need to be exalted with the bug people. I got honored last night and that gave me some good gold making patterns. I want to take all my alts and park them in the farming district so I can collect a bunch of valuable good every night.Not to mention flying dragon reputations!!! Oh and Wrathion wants to have a word with me! ARRRGGGHH!

It is therefore not surprising my last picks were less than stellar. It could have been so much worse too. I am right in the thick of things in my pools though. I just need to have a couple more kick ass weeks. So today I shall study and plan and scheme and figure out every permutation and pick a perfect-perfect this week!

Actually that reminds me of a funny story I have told before. One time when I was in Vegas I opened up a 12 team parlay ticket for twenty dollars. The payout on a win was like 2-3 grand. So I picked all my teams. I watched the early games in the sports book. I was losing! NO!!! My teams rallied! OMG! Got them all in the morning games! Afternoon games started. More blood, sweat and tears. My teams ALL come through! It comes down to the Sunday Night Football game.

The game is back and forth. Both teams really want this game. The game ends up tied and goes into overtime. All I need is this one win to cash huge! The Titans have the ball. They are my team. Vince Young is driving! He is jukin' in the pocket. Finally a hole opens up right in front of him! All he has to do is run! He has a clear line to the goal!! Holy fuck I am going to win thousands on a twenty dollar bet!!! YES YES YES! Wait.. why is he not running into the hole? Why is he sitting there? What the fuck! WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU! FUCKING RUN! GO TOWARDS THE GODDAMN LIGHT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SACKED! Holy fucking shit. The opposing team scores on their possession and it is game over for me.


Blogger sebszebra said...

Week six picks:

14 Falcons
13 Steelers
12 49ers
11 Cardinals
10 Eagles
09 Texans
08 Ravens
07 Buccaneers
06 Patriots
05 Jets
04 Dolphins
03 Redskins
02 Chargers
01 Bengals

8:44 AM

Blogger slb159 said...

I think if they had casinos in the towns where you could earn gold by gambling, instead of boring gold farming, I'd have continued playing Warcraft...and been broke most of the time.

11:54 AM

Blogger Josie said...

in case you didn't get my text, 13 on the steelers please.

11:34 AM

Blogger grrouchie serge said...

Um, when you were down to just needing one game to complete an epic win off a $20 investment....

Why in the hell did you not secure some financial gain no matter what by Hedging your bet by putting money on the other team?

You could have put like $300 on the other team and No matter who won you would have at least gotten some form of payout....
Sure, it wouldn't have been THOUSANDS of dollars (if Young pulls it out it's THOUSANDS minus the couple hundred....) but it would have still been guaranteed monies.

12:04 PM

Blogger CEMfromMD said...

14 Falcons
13 Ravens
12 Patriots
11 Cardinals
10 Bengals
09 Chargers
08 Vikings
07 Colts
06 Rams
05 Lions
04 Chiefs
03 Steelers
02 49ers
01 Texans

3:35 PM

Blogger VinNay said...

14 Atlanta
13 San Fran
12 New England
11 Philly
10 Miami
09 Buffalo
08 Baltimore
07 Tampa Bay
06 Indy
05 Cinci
04 Houston
03 San Diego
02 Minnesota

9:04 AM

Blogger Josie said...

14 Atlanta not Oak
13 Pissburgh not Ten
12 Pats not Seattle
11 Ari not Buff
10 TB not KC
09 Bal not Dal
08 Phil not Det (they suck like pissburgh so I expect a loss)
07 SF not NYG
06 Hou not GB
05 Was not Min
04 Mia not STL
03 Cin not Cle
02 NYJ not Indy
01 SD not Denver

9:16 AM

Blogger sebszebra said...

I reckon one of the Waffles offspring will win. You have Fred a point shy on the Ravens (which is about three less mistakes than I made in my totals before checking them against yours).

5:49 PM


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