Monday, November 05, 2012


When you abuse yourself for years... then decide to fix stuff... it sucks. Had three teeth removed. Lucky they are all back teeth. Also snuck in a partial root canal.

Gonna been a painful night... but whatever. Least I had a nice hardon going for the drive home. Dreaming about a massage girl who finds me so attractive she has to seduce me. mmm good. BOOOOBS tooo!!!


Blogger grrouchie said...

I've got one more tooth that definitely needs to come out - I've got the one beside it that I think could have been saved if I would have taken care of it earlier this year instead of waiting for my insurance which has room again starting Jan 1st.
So, that one will probably go. This will leave me with some interesting chewing situations on that side of my mouth because there is nothing to grind against and I'll have to finger out if I want to have some sort of Denture to make eating easier or if I just say fuck it and go with a couple of implants.

Also - I heart massage girls....mmmmm

9:34 AM

Blogger crafty said...

3 teeth pulled? Me too! Rearmost right upper, Rearmost right lower two...

1:45 PM


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