Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quick Update

Josie lost to me. Yay! I love when she loses. She gets a little pouty look on her face and talks dirty to me. I need to keep beating her. I figure in 3-weeks I can catch up to her in both pools. Would help if I could have a monster week. I had a decent week this time around but nothing great.

Went to the shrink today. This was actually a psychiatrist shrink who does not do the therapy part. I agreed to try medication for a while. She made a few good points. First off that it is not forever and whenever I decide to get off it is alright. Second that even though I maybe should be depressed because my life sucks the medication can help with energy levels and motivation to make life not suck.

She also said that one effect is the shielding of your emotions. Some people do not like this side effect. I felt like telling her "That's my life. Shoving emotions deep down". However I kind of thought about it and I do get angry and snippy with people and yell sometimes. So perhaps I am not shoving things enough or the garbage can is full. Perhaps this can be a good benefit.

I am also going to see a therapist for the actual issues. She is going to think about a good person to refer me to. I went through my case study list of issues so she has a good idea of what would be helpful. I guess we will see if this works out. I am giving it an honest try even if I do not have a lot of confidence is shrinks.


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Week eight:

14 Packers
13 Bears
12 Patriots
11 49ers
10 Vikings
09 Broncos
08 Steelers
07 Titans
06 Chargers
05 Eagles
04 Jets
03 Lions
02 Chiefs
01 Giants

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