Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Picture Dump

Missed my station stop so walked from South Station to my work. I liked the little diner in the middle of Boston's big buildings concept. The blonde chick is cute too. I may go back and get a closeup of the sign as it is pretty cool and does not have the best angle here.

Chinatown during my walk. I liked the concept of this foreign community in between  two major financial districts in Boston.

I like how fog looks.. but I think this picture ended up a little faded out. The fog contrast just does not totally cut it for me... I think it is an alright picture but not what I wanted to accomplish I guess.

This turned out good. I have to find pictures of Boston for Carmel every day. This is the view from my office building out over the Charles. I liked this picture. I think it came out very well.

I liked the hallway effect here. Nothing special. Not sure if I like it a lot or not.. but I took it because of the hallway-tunnel type concept. Thought it was kind of cool.

This is another one I took today of the fog. I think it again came out washed out. I do not like it very much personally. I was trying to get the cool fog into the heavens effect... but something about it seems faded and washed out.

This is a great subject. It is much better in the summer though. If you search Boston Science Church on Google.. then hit images.. you will see tons of them. This is a classic picture. The water makes it much better in the summer but I liked this one.

This is church in Copley Square in Boston. You can search Coply Church Boston Google and click on images to see MUCH better pictures. I kind of like this but I do not like the other building on the side.. and it seems off centered to me. Not one of my favorites but it is a cool building. I love architecture.

This picture of the Hancock building turned out great I think.. the aspect and the view, and the colors just seem right to me for some reason. I really like this one as opposed to the foggy one I did today. It is also a smaller side of the building, so maybe it is easier to take a picture of this side and get some sky in for contrast. Not sure but I like it a lot better.

Finally is the "Chick Pick". Every chick I showed this to loved it. People asked me for copies of it. I think this picture is accidentally good. I think the chicks like the "Love Geese" in the foreground.. kind of a lady and the tramp situation maybe... the sun has a nice effect on the water.. the bridge is really nice. I was trying to just get a shot of the bridge and ended up with this. I really like how this turned out... and all the chicks saying "oooh... nice... can you send me a copy" was a good bonus too.

Well that is a couple days worth of pictures I have taken. Feel free to comment.


Blogger Carmel said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the photos. I love them. Oh and forget the birds. I loved the way the light hit the building.

7:25 PM

Blogger KenP said...

Good start. Anything but an expert but I never let that stop me. Pick up a Photoshop type app. There is a open source alternative that was kinda clunky when I played with it.

The tunnel
If you had taken a step to the left, the light would have conformed to the perspective. Also, the pink lips on the entry way are either a distraction or incomplete. It make for a tweener on subject. You might want to introduce it to your brighter Hancock shot though.

Muddy tower
It might make a workable black and white with some cropping. I think you are right about the washed out. That's because it goes from the contrasty second to smoke without a focal point to pull it together. You could make something out of bottom 2/3 or top 2/3 and get around your objection.

The Angled courtyard.
It is an old masters shot with the emphasis on perspective. The fence across the base is a distraction. The focal point isn't working. The building fades into clutter. You could crop an much nicer picture from this one too.

I think the geese shot doesn't need any help. The silhouette morphing to the crisp, bright color is the grabber. I think Astin or Spot would have fund deciding crops to try to work varied emphasis.

Oh, and that nice check from the job... Astin can explain to you that it would make a modest down-payment on photography as a hobby.

I still have a darkroom and Nikon stored away. It can become a disease.

5:33 AM

Blogger KenP said...

I should have given you the link.


5:34 AM

Blogger Astin said...

Some decent shots in there. Part of the issue with camera phones is they don't handle changes in lighting particularly well, hence the fog shots looking washed out and ill-defined. Lightroom or its equivalent can fix this to some degree, but it can only do so much with phone jpegs.

For the bridge shot, I'd consider cropping the bottom clean off. Either just above the geese on the shore, or just above the ripples in the water.

Not that I don't like the geese, but it moves the bridge out of the middle of the frame to a stronger visual position. If you want to keep the geese, then just crop off the dead grass.

9:07 AM

Blogger Josie said...

What I like most about the geese pick is how the branches of the tree frame the shot above the geese lovers.

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7:48 AM


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