Friday, February 17, 2006

It IS on

Read Dreamy’s reply.

Scott, I sort of feel sorry for you. Like one of those old people in the nursing homes that still think it is World War Two. Have you forgotten to take your meds? Perhaps the stress of losing our last two meetings has taken a toll on your mind.

Come to the present my friend, for those old Waffles are in the trash and a fresh new batch has been made. If you challenged me to a game at the 30/60 table I would refuse. Not because your shaking, feeble, old hands scare me, but because homey does not play that anymore. I enjoy our current game. Sure there are others with us but that makes it all the more real. It is nice to take the other fishies money while waiting to bust you.

However if you wish to beat your chest, and assume that seven games encompasses anything more than short term variance then I am game. Perhaps someday you will understand poker. We can play at either Titan or Full Tilt for either five or ten a game. The amount is secondary as I am sure you will agree and either of those amounts fit into my bankroll requirements. Shall we do it as first one to seven wins? Or were you suggesting best of seven? It was not clear in your ramblings and we should just clarify that.

I wish you the best of luck, because you will need it. I look forward to our little wager.


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