Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Are people really this stupid?

JJProdigy and his Butt Boys

Now I have no idea who JJProdigy is. I hear he is an aewsome player and wins alot of tourneys. Great for him. How can you say that busting out of a tourney and then using another persons account to win the same tourney is not cheating? I mean are you that fracking stupid? I think sitting next to someone and helping them is marginally less cheating but kicking grandma out of the room so you can win an tourney you just busted out of. OMG! What kind of moron can defend such a thing? Then you have his butt-squad saying things like:

who cares? JJ owns and if he wants to use two accounts, I could care less. We all do it one way or another when he play on our laptops with our friends. We discuss things while we are in the hand and talk about it openly and you know you do it. Anyways, congrats bro.

Ok, so just say "I do not care if JJ is a liar, a cheat, and ripped some honest person off of $140,000". I mean that at least is a true response. Instead of saying "I am JJ's butt-boy and whatever he does is cool with me".

I have no idea why I even bothered to comment on this. I do hope Pokerstars takes the 140K back. He did not earn it. I do not necessarily think he should be banned, but a strong warning should be sent.


Blogger TraumaPoker said...

You are years behind in this argument my friend. Noah "Exclusive" Bokhen (Check spelling) did the same thing playing his account, getting knocked out, then going over to Marcell Luske's account that a friend was playing and winning the Sunday tourny on Stars. Lee Jones put out a statement on pocket fives basically saying that there wasn't much they could or would do.

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