Friday, February 17, 2006

Night of a Thousand Dooms

OMFG! What a horrible night. I could barely win a 20/3 SNG going out first once. First out of six fish. Nasty. I then proceeded to have my 66 set cracked by AA set in another tourney. Got SUPREMELY outplayed by BoobieLover in the DADIII, no bad luck there. Be in first place in another 20/3 on Titan and only manage to make third in HORRENDOUS beats. Went to Full Tilt and played a 10$/MTT. Had a nice stack going into the bubble area. I then was in position to make a 15K pot when my KJ flopped a King against A8 hearts. One heart on the board. Two. Three. Ouch. I actually made the money but went out right aftwerwards when my AA flopped a set and some tool with K5 calls my all in. The guy with QJ also calls. He had two pair. I had him dominated. The K5 flush draw MOFO ends up turning his flush and I never made my boat. I was SO close to going deep here. It was stupid. I am SO pissed off about the bad night I am having that I am just going to bed. Tomorrow has GOT to be better.


Blogger iamhoff said...

I totally agree. I decided I could only handle the first two dooms that came my way. Well, actually the first 3, if you count the surprise rainstorm that hit as GF and I came out of the movie theatre. I jump into a 6 handed, 3 table SNG. I go out on the 4th hand of the entire game, when my AA gets cracked by some pinhead with Q7s who rivers his flush. Then a 45 player SNG. Out in 27th, when my AT runs into KQ with a Q on the flop. Tomorrow BETTER be better than today!

1:42 AM

Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

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9:28 AM

Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

But you did do one really smart thing. You made a deal with the incredible V and made $20 off her profit in the MTT.

She might even let you buy a piece of her action in tonight's

9:29 AM


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