Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Losing Streak

A lot of you know me already but here is another look into the bad mentality that makes it hard for me to succeed in poker: I am on a losing streak.

What do I mean by a losing streak? I am only up 44$ this week. I have lost like 2-3 SNGs in a row. My stats are 4-5 since I started taking notes. Big fucking losing streak right? Hell I even cashed in 88th place in a 780 person MTT. It was a eleven center for 1.10 but still..

Fuck me if I have not gotten lucky too.. I mean first hand of my last first place win I get all in on the first hand with no reads with AK vs AA and KK and I spike my straight on the river. I then cruised to first place win.

Yet in my mind the last results are: you lost 3 times! WTF! Will you ever win again? What is wrong with you!! You will never be good in poker.

I mean look at my stats over my first recorded games:

1st 1
2nd 3
4 4
5 1

I have 4 1st and 2nd place finishes... and almost ALL my loses are coming from having to shove the bubble and race for a win. I mean if I get a tiny bit more lucky then a lot of those 4th places start becoming first and seconds...

So I am doing fucking fantastic but can only dwell on my last results. Not a good sign. I did have some fun at a $4 table today though trippled up on the first cash hand with KK vs 44/55/KQ all in pre-flop. I know I know donkey gets lucky sometime. Left the table with my $15+ and then spent that on the losing SNG..

Ah well.. Not sure if I will succeed or fail but its always fun to play.


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