Sunday, June 27, 2004

Some thoughts on my latest plays..

I was thinking about my play latetly and think it has been good. I think I did two very good things the other night that I am proud of.

The first was on a questionable play. I got Pocket Rockets, had about $2,000. Bet them up to 4xBB or 200 bucks. A few people were in with me. Flopped 3-9-2. Nothing scary. Possible straight draw. So I bet another $200. One person calls, the other two fold. A J comes on the turn. I bet again, $400 hoping to knock the late player out. The player calls me. The final card comes up, it is a 7. No help for anyone. I figure my rockets are good. I am not sure why the last person is still in however, so I bet small, $200. She calls. Shows me Trip 3's! Being the whiny bitch I can be I complain alot. Anyway, this play is not what I am happy about. I played well, if not correctly, probably should have folded when the caller showed no hesitation. What makes me happy is instead of self destructing, and going in on bad hands, I collected myself, keep it together, and won the tourney. First place. Including a BAD beat tho the chick who got me with the 3's. I think keeping my cool was a good step in my growth as a player.

The second thing I was pleased with, and this is alot more marginal, is a call I made. I had KK, bet it light, had a few calls, finally it gets down to me and another guy. A 4th spade shows at the river, and the other guy pauses for a minute, and then calls all in. Now I had a decent hand in trips, but something in the way he hesitated, and the way he had been betting, convinced me that he had not made the straight. I instantly called him, and beat his hand. Now I know this could be considered a bad call, but I think poker has something to do about reading people, and this read was sooo strong, and sooo right, I think I did the right thing.

Anyway, I hope I am getting better. My bankroll has been growing steadily, and I would like to see it succeed.


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