Monday, July 19, 2004

Man what a month

It has been a month or so since my initial $50 deposit into Empire. All in all it has been an interesting month. My puny $50 climbed the heights of almost 1K, and has fallen back down. If nothing else this month I am getting experience, and playing hands. I have been reading alot of Poker books. One thing that stands out in something I was reading the other night "It does not matter if your hand is the best or not, what matters is if your getting the odds to make the call". It had the usual formulae, etc.. but the point was if your going for a flush draw or straight draw make sure it counts. If you are against one person and have a single card to go for your flush, fold it, or check it down to the river if he will let you. Why put $5 into a pot, just to gain $5 at the most. You want to try and make your flush when 4-5 people are in calling you all the way to the river. Even in bluffing -- why bluff that you have the trips when a scary flop comes up? Do you need to risk your bet to take such a small pot? Probably not.
Anyway, I have some goals for the next month. Basically I want to play like I did after I came down from my tilt. I was playing 1/2 until like 4AM this morning, and doing well. I probably only took $20 out of the pot for a couple of hours of play, but I think I played pretty well. I was playing the premium hands for the most part, where the rest of the table was raising A3. I had great reads on the other players. I even called someone down to the river who was pretending they had trips, but did not even have a pair. It was one of those calls where you have a feel for how the guy bets, and something did not add up.
I want to stay away from the 5/10 table, and be able to have losing sessions without self destructing. My bankroll can stand losing $40 on 1/2 table. I can make that back. When I start losing $100 at a time, that is when it gets iffy. So hopefully we see less of Sir Tilt-Alot in the future. Discipline is probably 90% of poker.
I need to get back to good, fundamental Poker. I think swimming with the fishies has lowered my standards too much. A3o is starting to look good to me. This is not a good thing. Second pair is looking like a playable hand! I have just been very inconsistent.
Anyway, I keep reminding myself I am a newbie, and it takes time to really become a player. If it was easy, then everyone would be Phil Helmuth. I have reached a level of skill, but have alot to work on. I will not always be able to runner-runner straight my way out of trouble!


Blogger Sloejack said...

I think the other thing your missing here, is respect for what you've done. You noted that you started this just over a month ago with $50. Having a $600+ bankroll from $50 based on just play is respectable. It may even been part of the issues you're running into now. You were able to tear the game up at lower limits/levels and may have to now apply your studies to fine tune your game playing at these higher levels that seem to be giving you a hard time. Either way, you've done a great thing and that's worthy of some respect. Keep your head up man, you're doing fine. :)

2:18 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Thanks man! Some days you need some outside validation. I do think I have done alot. I also think I have a LONG ways to go. The same issues keep coming up and I would like to focus on making progress with these issues instead of building the bankroll! Good Luck with your growth too!

3:36 PM


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