Thursday, July 15, 2004

Nothing Much

Not too much to report. Had a decent night session that brought me just over $600, then got killed this morning. Lost $40. I was chasing a little too much. I did get some bad luck also. Sample:

Sir gets QQ55, beaten by QQ66. Damn! I hate that! What are the odds that someone will have Q6 and pair up, when you have Q5 and pair up? Here is an even better one. Sir has 77. Checking into the pot. Flops is 27A rainbow. Sir is doing well! Sir Raises as he should. He is called. 10s comes. No help to anyone. Sir Bets. 1 Guy in Calls. Aces on the river. Sir knows he is beat, but has to call the last bet to keep the guy honest. Whatever the hell that means. Anyway, that was the start of the morning.

So, in my usual tilt fashion, I go to the 5/10 ATM, and put $50 down. Take out almost $130 to get myself back over $600. Not bad. I have got to stop doing that. I would actually like to play 5/10 a little more often because A) It is no harder than 1/2, B) It is more profitable, C) I am crazy, D) All of the above. Anyway, I am not ready to play it regular. Once my stack gets over the 1K mark maybe more often. 2K then sure, why not.

On the nerd front I am thinking of making a web service for Poker Blogs. I spent way too much time going to a Blog only to see it has not been updated! Why oh why have you kept me waiting for a day Felicia!! The whole purpose of this service would be to check every poker blog I read daily, and see when they last updated their pages. It would then spit out an HTML page that had every link, and the last updated date. Possibly another method in this web service would be called with a date parameter and either return the ones that have been updated, or put a nice shiny star by them or something. Anyway, just nerding out and thinking of doing a small project. Anyone think this would be useful?


Blogger Sloejack said...

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8:17 AM

Blogger Sloejack said...

You might want to check out BlogLines or there's some client like tools such as the blog Navigator. Not that building your own can't be fun and rewarding, but if there's a tool that already does what you want, you can better spend that time playing poker. :)

8:22 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Excellent idea. I do like the Blog Reader. One problem with it though, is that alot of the sites out there do not have RSS feeds. Many of them do (including BlogSpot, although they do not send the URL correctly). I might do it anyway.. when I have a free minute..

8:42 AM


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