Monday, July 12, 2004

Raise, Bet or Check

Anyone have any good guidelines on raising bets. I have up until now slow played alot of my hands. Especially AJ, AQ.. even AA! I would always bet AA, but not always raise it if I was bet to. I also was leary of re-raising a bet.

How do you bet A-10+, A-10+ suited, K-10+, K-10+ suited, Q-10+, Q-10+ suited, J-10+, J-J-10+ suited. How about 10+ pairs, 9 or less pairs? Suited Connectors? Un-suited? Do you raise any, raise to 2 bets, check, fold? How much does position effect this for you? Any good articles around?

I tried to be more aggresive tonight with mixed results. I lost my first $20 on a 1/2 table after going up and down alot. I was up like $20 at one point, and then got sucked out on the river for a huge bet. I probably should have slowed down as the bets were being capped on each level. The #&**&$ that got me had nothing except and inside straight draw until the river. ** Oh wait, I did that to someone once, $200 pot, hmm **. Anyway the second table I went to was MY table. WHATEVER I played came out. The first 6 hands I played were something like Flush, Flush, Boat, 3 Kind, 2 Pair. I folded 4-2 and
it flopped 4-4-3. I turned my $20 into $70 in about 10 minutes, and then left. It was getting late, and I was happy with the pot. The guys at the table were scared though. I had 4 to a flush on the turn and everyone folded out to my bet.

So my aggresive betting was mixed results, and too few hands to make much of. Hence, the search for information. I beleive I need to be more aggresive. Mixed results on handling losing too. I was going to stop at < $20, but did not. Probably should have. I was able to stop when I was ahead a bit. Will see what happens tomorrow.


Blogger BadBlood said...

You might want to pick a consistent strategy early on after joining a table. Then when your table image has been defined after people get to see what cards you're playing, change gears.

For example, last night I was very weak-passive early on - not raising ANYTHING. I smooth called with good hands and after a few hands where people saw how I was playing, I switched to very aggressive. People would happily fold to my raises figuring if I slow-played good hands, my raises must mean great hands.

Just some thoughts.

6:13 AM

Blogger Sloejack said...

I think if you have not been an agressive playing in the past, it will take some adjustment for you personally to adapt to your new playing style so your going to see some extra ups and downs in your performance. This is natural with trying to move out of your element. I think BadBlood has it right in that you can't really go one way or the other. My personal take on it is to play tight and agressive. Any good hand gets a raise and sometimes even a re-raise on the preflop. After I've been shown down a few times with winning strong hands I actually tend to loosen up a little bit because my raises get respect and this allows me to also play drawing hands much more agressively and occasionally take down pots at the flop and turn with a strong drawing hand. This of course is preferable to going to the river and missing my draw :)

8:25 AM


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