Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Still Working..

I want to thank Chris for his advice. It was excellent. He said that I should probably be going into these games 1/2 with $50. For now, I am going to ignore his advice, but he is absolutely right. The reason I am going to ignore him for now is my system is working well. I am having AEWSOME results.

I put $10 in tonight and made it $66 as we speak in like 10 minutes. The best hand of the night. I am just calling my middle pair along because people are letting me. I have K2d. The flop is a diamond. Ok. Everyone checks. Next card is a diamond. Someone finally bets. I say what the hell. Pot is nice. River is a diamond. I bet. Raise. Raise. Raise. Raise. Raise. All the way to full and I take a nice $40 pot with K high flush. I swear you cannot lose on these tables. You guys should come by and play with me (or at least watch).

I am hoping to put my pot over $400 tonight. Will keep you updated.

Just called AK down to the end with a pair of A's. Raising all the way to the river. Up to a 28$ pot. A lot of stress with one pair, but I figured it might stand up at these tables. Up to $68.30. Ok, you can lose a few hands here. That is why my $28 only got me up a buck. Oh well.

I have a pet hand now. It is 5-3. Also 7-2 is nice whenever I get it. 5-3 has given me a Boat and 2 Pair, and some big wins.

This table is like my ATM machine. I enter some numbers, sit around for a few minutes, and take some cash out. Really nice. If you every see jazzstepa, go to his table. He is a betting/calling station. Has paid me off well. I know whenever I check him, I am going to get bet against. Also, he is not going to consider anyone having better cards than him. If he has middle pair, he is betting all the way to the river. Of course I just lost to his AK.. oh well, A8 was not a great call. It was suited. Down to $52. Going to leave if I hit $50. Only problem with an EASY table is you start playing down to there level.

Just got beaten by 5-3 on the river. See, this is a powerfull hand. Does it have a name?
Payback. Open ended straight landed. Decent pot. Only one guy calling me to the river.
How do you call at the river with high card A? Not sure. Oh well.

I think jazzy is going to give me one last huge pot. I have that feeling.

Folded 5-3 by accident. 4 to a flush.. 5-3 makes the flush on the river! Now I am convinced that 5-3 rocks!! How to tell a table sucks -- Nobody ever folds on the flop. My man jazz called K6 on the river, with Aces on the board. WTF! He actually did win that one.

Made $22 on trip 6's. That was nice. Went on a little tilt. Hate playing down to the fishes level. Down to $44. Should leave. Waiting for one more monster hand. Folded A2, that would have killed a J4. Each of us had 2 pair. Oh well. Ended up at +30$ for the session. Not so bad. Kept chasing crap towards the end. So with my minus $10 for a tourney, I am up $20 for the night.

Just wondering for other people playing .50/1 or 1/2, what do you usually take in a night, playing between 2-5 hours?


Blogger Sloejack said...

I try to look at my sessions for the whole day since I usually only get to play for about an hour at a time (work, family, other commitments). For example, my total play yesterday/today was 59 min @ $.50/$1 on Party playing a total of 50 hands netting me +42 BB/Hr. I don't know what my stats on UB are like because recording hand histories to feed into poker tracker are just too annoying to do. Probably the better number to look at for me though is my total of all sessions. 23 sessions over 14.37 hours, 874 hands. My BB/Hr average is +12.64. A semi-disturbing number for me though is that I apparently see the flop 45% of the time. That seems a bit loose for playing in loose games but based on the history I am tracking, I guess it's not all bad. Also given that I have such short segments of playing time, I guess I try to play more agressively to make the most of the time I have.

Funny you should mention how 5-3 is so strong for you. My odd strong hand has been K-9 *shrug* Don't know why, it just seems to work out more times than not.

1:00 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Hmm.. 14/BB seems to be my average too. Something like that. I definately am not making 40/bb (good day for you?). I seem to take out between 10-20bb on an average night of play. I usually play between 1-3 hours a night. Lately I have been giving some of it back to tourneys. I played a $10, and came in 4th. I hate 4th. Damn bubble! I wonder if I am not betting correctly. I think I bet every time I have the nuts, and am cautious when I am not sure. I think I might need to read up some more about betting. I really need to read more about everything, but my (Average?) play works well at my level right now.

3:54 AM


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