Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bad Night.. Good Night..

I have been running bad for a few days. It has not been fun. I decided to try and play with SSHE's hand suggestions for raising and calling, etc.. I figured it would be a good way to start using the book. I am not sure what happened but the tighter I played the more I got rivered. It was BAD. A high flush rivered by a boat. You get the idea. I was gonna throw the book out the window (in an irrational moment). I really need to read more about the post flop play though. I need to finish the whole book. I think it will really help my game.

I ended up trippling up to $150 on a 1/2 table. It just happened to be paying me off left and right. None of the other tables I played did as well. Not sure why. I busted out on a couple of .50/1 and 1/2 tables also. It was not fun. I am back down to $626. Oh well.

On the good side I was given 1500 VIP points and I am now a member of Empire Poker's VIP club. I used some of my chips to buy $50 cash into my account. So I should be up to $675. It should show up in the next few days. I may use the rest to buy another $50 chip next week. I like having some points in my account though. So Empire is basically going to give me $50 a month for playing on there site. Not bad! You know you play too much poker when the company invites you into there VIP club. On the end I am going to try and cut down a bit. Since I have been running bad I seem to want to play more so I can run worse. I also have been trying to get the bankroll to a decent number. I really want to play 2/4 10 sided since I can hardly ever find a 1/2 10 sided table on Empire. I think a few days off would be good. Finish the SSHE book and then hit the tables with a better idea of how to make huge sums.

The "Boston Bullets" FFL team came through. Jake Dellorme gave me enough points to win my first ever FFL game. I am going up against the Cubans next week. There team scored 150 points in contrast to my teams 130. So I hope I can improve next week. I had several players with .50 points so something needs to be done. I did switch my WR and picked up Patten of the Pats. He is Brady's favorite long pass guy, and scores alot of TDs so I hope to make some points there.


Blogger Chris Halverson said...

You make your money in poker post-flop. Pre-flop is relatively easy. It's how you play post flop that will determine how much you make.

4:54 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Great blog, really a fun read. I enjoy it a lot.

One small criticism, however, from a writing standpoint.

There, their and they're. Learn em, use em. They are your friends.

I know the blogs are more about the content than the syntax, I just hate to see good writing create distractions with grammatical errors.

"There" always refers to a place. "Their" is always possessive, and "They're" is always a contraction for "They are."

Again great blog, keep up the good work.

5:54 AM

Blogger BadBlood said...

Two things: How can you draft Delhomme as your QB??? Second, I like Patten, but I drafted Deion Branch.

I'm gonna post a rant on John Madden/Pats/Panthers soon. Last night's game was too much for me.

6:02 AM

Blogger Sloejack said...

What do you mean, how can you draft Delhomme? I picked him up as well in addition to McNair. For this weekend, Delhomme would have been the better choice for me, but ultimately I would have still lost my match up

7:35 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

My Syntax is taxing.

I know all the money is made post flop. That is why I bought SSHE. I am not naturally aggressive so playing a money making style is going to be very hard for me.

My Fantasy Football Team is going to rule!

8:47 AM

Blogger JD said...

Hey Sir,

Just a couple thoughts: The SSHE book is a great guide to loose games, but you really need the mindless callers for some of his strategies to work. The loosies online are not *always* mindless. I like Miller's book in combo with Ciaffone's Middle Limit Holdem for tighter games where you can actually put your opponent on a hand.

I stopped playing .50/$1 at Party/Empire a while ago. Sitting with that many maniacs/idiots, the variance is just too disheartening. Particularly if you're questioning your play, the variance makes it tough to know when you're playing badly or when it's just the cards. I like the more tight passive .50/$1 games on Paradise. Fewer huge pots, but a much higher percentage of winning sessions.

I too noticed the relatively small number of $1/$2 games on Party (and Paradise). So I skipped that level and now play $2/$4 on Party. I still look for weak-tight tables with only 1 or 2 maniacs.

Keep on building the roll,

2:44 PM


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