Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Back in the Saddle

It feels good to be back to a stable level of Poker funds. I feel great about my game. I know it needs work and I feel like I am getting better every day. I know this sounds crazy but I am VERY happy I broke out to zero. If I did not experience the total loss of bankroll I do not think I would have ever curbed my bad habits. I may not be cured, but that gave me a new perspective. It also took my disdain of larger tables away. I now will play as comfortably at a ten handed table as I would at six. If I did not drop back and start playing lower limits I would never have done this. The first time I started my climb I started with 1/2. I always wanted to jump up two levels to stay in the six handed games. I really lost alot of money doing that. I can see where experience helps a player in Poker and am anticiplating many more doors opening in the future.

I went ahead and bought the Small Stakes Holdem Book off of Sloejacks site. I am going to take the funds out of the Poker bankroll. It will be nice to read something new. I hope to share my thoughts on the book when I finish it.

I am going to offer a Bad Beat Bounty in honor of all of the bad beats that I have been reading about from all of the Bloggers around. I like whining and I am willing to reward it. I am only playing .50/1 and ½ so it is going to be tiny. So here it is, whoever sends me the BEST bad beat story by September 30th, 2004 will receive $25 from my account. Take a shot at it. Please send the hand history. Best is a subjective word so it can be a huge pot lost, or just a really nutty 3-inner straight draw to beat your AA. If you're on Empire we can find a private table and I will bet the $25 and fold it to you. If not then we will figure something else out.

I have been receiving a lot of links from From the Cheap Seats. I figured I would return the favor. I really like the site. In addition there is a good site called Damning The River, I think it is from a Harvard guy.. at least it is hosted on there servers. Derek responded to my post on his site looking for a home game in Cambridge. I might give it a shot. Not sure if I am ready to play live with my “OMG!LOOKWHATIGOT!” Poker face.

If your married there is a nice article about the "Poker Widow" at Poker and Devotion. It is a good read. Not sure if it is helpful to the married folks out there but brings up a few good points. Good Luck and Good Playing!

One last thought, guess what Google search brought people to my site: Why I can’t consistently win at online poker! What does that say about my site! Arg!


Blogger doubleas said...

You asked for it...this happened a long time ago...still have the hand history saved :)

Seat 3 is the button
Total number of players : 3
Seat 1: doubleas ( $181 )
Seat 2: x ( $195 )
Seat 3: x ( $96.50 )
doubleas posts the small blind of $1.
x posts the big blind of $2.
** Dealing down cards **
x: -- --
doubleas: Ac Ah //Best hand possible...yippee


doubleas raises to $7. x calls.

Flop (board: 9h Ts Ad): //Best hand possible...yippee

doubleas checks. x bets $14. doubleas raises to $40. x goes all-in for $195. doubleas calls. //I got to CALL all-in with the nuts...nice! He is practically drawing dead. He needs running nines or running tens. I am 99.8% to win. Kind of feel sorry for him.

Turn (board: 9h Ts Ad Th):

(no action in this round) // it is still ok...only one card in the deck that can hurt me..the case ten

River (board: 9h Ts Ad Th Td):

(no action in this round) // aw crap!


doubleas shows Ac Ah.
doubleas has Ac Ah Ad Ts Th. Full House
x shows 9d Tc.
x has Tc Ts Th Td Ad. Four of a Kind

7:42 AM

Blogger Felicia :) said...

Please don't fold $25 to someone. This is considered cheating on most sites, because it is easy to transfer funds, so sites naturally jump to a conclusion that there is something fishy going on, since you didn't use the transfer funds feature.

I think you will really benefit from SSHE.

10:23 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

DoubleAs! Lol! That was REALLY bad. What the hell was that guy thinking. The size of the pot is very much in your favor too. You NL guys! heh.

12:47 PM


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