Friday, September 10, 2004

Felicia Lee

Felicia Lee is like the Princess Diana of Poker Bloggers. She is the conscientious Poker professional who is involved in the society of Poker. She tries to help people and places avoid the landminds of Poker. Truly trying to improve the landscape and texture of the world. Her reviews of different gaming establishments are excellent.

She hobnobs with the elite of the game. If you know a Poker personality chances are she has met them or played in games they have been in. Probably knocked them out once or twice? I bet she has some great stories!

Almost every Poker Blog out there has a little comment with Felicia giving some good advice, or encouraging a player.

You can tell she loves the game of Poker. Not just Holdem, Razz or Stud but all of the aspects of the games. She is probably equally as good at Omaha or Stud or any variant of Poker game that you might have never heard of.

So in the spirit of her excellence and well-rounded experience I have decided to try some different Poker games. Unlike Felicia I do have a passion for Holdem. I think that getting more exposure to other games would be interesting and help my Holdem skills also. So I will keep people informed, but I want to start playing a game or so of .50/.1 Omaha every week. I hear these games are very juicy at Empire/Party and the stakes are right for learning.

So thanks for everything and do not drive too fast! Hopefully I will soon know what rolled up K’s are and how many cards I can use from my hand. Keep up the good work.


Blogger Felicia :) said...

Wow, thanks! Who paid you to say that? Wait, the check hasn't even cleared yet! LOL :)

7:43 AM


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