Thursday, September 02, 2004

Fun Hand of the Night

I forgot to mention my FAVORITE hand of the night. It was during one of Sloe Jacks monster runs where the cards were hitting me in the face and slapping my ass too. I was dealt A3 in early position and decided to bet it. It is raised after me and I feel obliged to call. The flop comes AAK.

I am confident this is a good hand but I am a little scared about the kicker. I told you guys I am a chicken. I bet it. One guy raises the pot a few fold and the last guy calls. I call. The turn comes with an A for four of a kind. I am no longer afraid of my kicker.

I pause for a long moment and bet it. The two spot and three spot raise me. I pause for a long time again and I say in the chat window “No freaking way you have four aces!” proceeding to raise the bet. Both of the remaining players top it off and I am looking at a monster pot.

A rag comes on the river. One of the guys folds. The other guy raises me to the limit. I have to assume he had the K or KK. I cannot think of any other hand he would even think of playing. Winning this pot enabled me to end the night almost tripling up at that table.

I sometimes play head games with people when I have a nice hand like that. I usually get them to raise me by doing so. It is fun to see their response when I show them I had the card. Sometimes if I am being a bad winner I will say “See, I told you that you did not have the A!”


Blogger BadBlood said...

Just be careful with those kind of comments. Sometimes they are a advertisement that you yourself have the case ace. At least some players will realize this :)

12:59 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You would think. It works both ways I suppose, but the two chances I have had to use it have both worked to my advantage!

5:37 PM


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