Saturday, December 18, 2004

Bad Day!

Ug! I screwed up today. I am down like 1K! I am pissed. I think I have been on tilt since I played 5/10, so I am going to go back to 2/4 for a while. I might stay there until I get a sL-A-A rating or T-A-A. I really want to work on that aggression thing. It is hard when everyone sucks you out on the river every single time.

Some examples: I was in the Porsche contest doing alright. I have AK and I bet it to the river. All small cards. I get called to the river. At the river 9-10 spikes her 10 and beats me. How the hell do you play that?

I did well in NL tonight. Kicked some ass. Last hand of the night. KJ and I flop TPTK with the J. I got all in. I get called and Scooby catches his god damn straight on the river! Jesus! No wonder HE drives me crazy.

Anyway this is just a sample of the 100's of rivered hands that have beaten me today. It at least seems like 100's. It is probably good for me anyways.

I want to also appologize to Maudie if I was being a Jerk. Which I probably was. I called her bet with my QQ and busted her out. It was a hard call. It worked out. She then seemed to be upset and was going to leave. I said something like "Sorry to crush your spirit". I dont know what got into me. Anyway's I am sorry. I did mean it however when I said you game seemed like it had improved. You seemed much more aggresive than the other times I had played you. You played your good hands hard. I really think your a much better player even if it did not work out tonight. Anyway.. hope you forgive me.

My O8 book has also come so I am going to be playing some 2/4 O8 once I have read it. Hopefully this will help me get my stack up again. We shall see.


Blogger Slayre said...

Was fun to finally get to play with you and some of the other bloggers.. that hand that you busted Maudie out with, would have been mine, had I the guts to call... but, my lay down was good.. the flush came runner runner.. who woulda thunk... grats on that hand.. you pretty much were on fire after that... till scooby showed up and well, you posted it.. heh...

Look forward to a chance to get my 20 bucks back!!!1

12:07 AM

Blogger Mourn said...

I also had a great time finally sitting with the bloggers. Hope we can do it again soon.


1:01 AM

Blogger Maudie said...

Hey - no need to apologize *at all* - you made a great play coming over the top of me. I made an extremely bad call. And anything I say in chat is 99.9% b-s! I had fun playing with you guys.

9:18 AM


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